PHP Full Course in Bangla – Beginner to Advanced Level

By Arif Jaber Categories: Freelancing
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About Course

Dreaming of building interactive websites? PHP, a popular and in-demand programming language, can turn your dream into reality! This comprehensive course, designed for beginners, will equip you with the skills to build dynamic websites, work with databases, and explore advanced topics.
By the end of this course, you won’t just be a passive learner, you’ll be an active creator. You’ll have the skills to build your own websites, showcasing your creativity and technical prowess. This opens doors to exciting career opportunities: freelance your skills and work remotely, or pursue a fulfilling career in web development, where your knowledge of PHP is highly sought-after.
So why wait? Enroll now and unlock the doors to a world of exciting opportunities in web development!

By the End of this PHP Course, You’ll be Able to

  • Write PHP code to create interactive web pages.
  • Handle user input from forms and process it using PHP.
  • Connect to databases and store and retrieve information.
  • Build basic web applications using your learned skills.
  • Understand and implement security measures to protect your websites.
  • Gain a strong foundation for further exploration into advanced PHP topics and frameworks.

Course Certificate

Get a Course Completion Certificate when you complete the course. Use this to showcase your new skills to employers or clients. You will be able to share it directly on social media.

Meet Your Instructor

Meet your instructor, John Doe, an expert PHP developer with over a decade of experience in building web applications. John’s expertise lies in crafting clean, efficient code and utilizing the latest PHP frameworks and best practices. With a passion for teaching, he’ll guide you through the course with clear explanations and real-world examples, ensuring you gain a solid foundation in PHP development. Join John on this exciting journey and unlock your potential as a skilled PHP developer.

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What Will You Learn?

  • What PHP is, why it's used, and how it works.
  • The building blocks of programming, like variables, data types, and control flow.
  • How to create websites that respond to user input and display different content based on specific conditions.
  • How to connect to databases like MySQL to store and manage website data.
  • Programming approach for organizing and structuring your code.
  • Security best practices, frameworks like Laravel, and additional features like APIs and testing.

Course Content

Module 1: PHP Basics – Building the Foundation

  • 03:00
  • What is PHP?: What are the purpose and applications of PHP in web development? Introduction to essential software and tools to start coding.
  • Syntax and Variables: Learn the basic building blocks of PHP, including data types and operators.
  • Control Flow (if/else, loops): Gain control over the execution of your code using conditional statements and loops.
  • Functions: Discover how to create reusable code blocks and functions for efficient programming.

Module 2: Interacting with PHP Forms

Module 3: Advanced PHP Concepts

Module 4: Object-Oriented Programming OOP

Module 5: MySQL Database Integration

Module 6: Working with XML

Module 7: Enhancing Web Pages with AJAX

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