Excel & Google Sheets Course for Corporate Jobs in Bangladesh

By Arif Jaber Categories: Freelancing
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About Course

Spreadsheets are essential productivity tools for any corporate role. Excel has long been the standard, but Google Sheets is a powerful free alternative. In this course, you will learn how to utilize both for workplace success.
The expert instructor will teach you all the formulas, functions, and features that make Excel and Sheets so useful. Create beautiful charts to visualize data and wow your boss. Build interactive dashboards that provide real-time business insights. Automate repetitive reports and focus on value-added tasks. You will walk through real-world use cases tailored for finance, marketing, operations, and more. The hands-on demos make learning stick. Whether you’re a beginner or an Excel pro new to Sheets, this course will boost your data skills.
The workplace moves fast. Learn Excel and Sheets at your own pace to keep up. Join today and gain an edge over your competition for that promotion. Become the spreadsheet guru every team wants!

By the End of this Course, You’ll be Able to

  • Streamline daily workflows, reporting, and data analysis using Sheets
  • Build spreadsheets, charts, and dashboards to provide business intelligence
  • Collaborate cross-functionally on forecasts, budgets, and data-driven decisions
  • Create automated workflows, reports, and templates for efficient operations
  • Import, clean, and process data from corporate systems and databases
  • Implement Sheets following established IT guidelines and corporate security


Course Certificate

Get a Course Completion Certificate when you complete the course. Use this to showcase your new skills to employers or clients. You will be able to share it directly on social media.

Meet Your Instructor

Meet John Smith. John is an expert at using Google Sheets in corporate jobs. He has over 10 years of experience with spreadsheets. John has taught many professionals how to switch from Excel to Sheets. He loves helping people learn Sheets for workplace productivity.

John’s interactive teaching style helps unlock the power of Sheets for corporate teams. He makes learning Sheets simple and easy to understand. John is a certified Office and G Suite trainer who has helped over 500 people with Sheets. He can help you use Sheets easily at your company.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The basics of Google Sheets, including entering and formatting data, using formulas and functions, creating charts, and more
  • How to collaborate on spreadsheets with other users by sharing and editing in real-time
  • Analyzing data in Sheets using filters, pivot tables, and other tools
  • Integrating Sheets with other G Suite apps like Google Drive, Docs, Forms, etc.
  • Building dashboards and visualizations to gain insights from your data
  • Automating repetitive tasks in Sheets using macros and scripts

Course Content

Module 2: Data Entry & Formatting

Module 3: Formulas & Functions

Module 4: Charting & Data Visualization

Module 5: Working with Large Datasets & PivotTables

Module 6: Collaboration & Google Sheets

Module 7: Data Import & Export

Module 8: Macros & Automation

Module 9: Printing Layouts & Best Practices

Module 10: Get Hands on Some Useful & Real Life Projects

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