Complete Excel VBA Bangla Course

By Arif Jaber Categories: Freelancing
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About Course

Excel VBA has remained a hot topic because of its ability to boost productivity and customize spreadsheet solutions. Learning VBA unlocks new possibilities for business analysts, engineers, scientists, and anyone who uses Excel.
With VBA, you can automate routine tasks, and build customized spreadsheets, dashboards, and tools tailored to your needs. Connect Excel to websites, databases, and other data sources.
Learning VBA gives you in-demand job skills. Employers look for people with VBA skills to develop solutions, analyze data, and streamline processes. VBA can open up lucrative freelancing opportunities too.
The benefits are endless – from time savings to data insights no one else can provide. Unlock the full power of Excel with VBA. Join this course and start reimagining what you can do with spreadsheets.

By the End of this Excel VBA Course, You’ll be Able to

  • Automate repetitive or routine tasks in Excel like data entry, analysis, and reporting
  • Develop custom Excel solutions like utilities, dashboards, and tools tailored to your needs
  • Create macros for frequently performed actions with buttons for easy access
  • Pull data from websites, databases, and other sources into Excel for analysis
  • Manipulate and analyze data in new ways using VBA


Course Certificate

Get a Course Completion Certificate when you complete the course. Use this to showcase your new skills to employers or clients. You will be able to share it directly on social media.

Meet Your Instructor

Your instructor John Smith has over 10 years of experience using Excel to build business solutions. He is passionate about sharing his deep knowledge of Excel programming to help professionals boost productivity and unlock data insights. John has taught over 5,000 students Excel VBA and received rave reviews for his interactive teaching style focused on real-world applications. Students appreciate his patience and ability to break down complex VBA concepts into easy-to-understand examples. You’ll be in great hands learning VBA from John!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel
  • Create macros to automate tasks and processes in Excel
  • Build customized tools, dashboards, and applications in Excel using VBA
  • Implement loops, variables, arrays, conditions, and other programming concepts in VBA
  • Connect Excel to external data sources like websites, databases, etc. with VBA

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to VBA

  • 02:00
  • Video 2: Setting up your VBA environment
  • Video 3: Recording and editing simple macros (intro to basic programming techniques)
  • Video 4: Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
  • Video 5: Objects and properties in VBA (introducing object-oriented principles)
  • Video 6: Methods and events in VBA (event-driven programming concepts)

Module 2: VBA Fundamentals & Programming Techniques

Module 3: Advanced VBA Techniques

Module 4: Practical Applications

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