Motion Graphics Course in Bangla-Beginners to Advanced Level

By Arif Jaber Categories: Freelancing
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About Course

Motion graphics isn’t just about creating animations for big companies like Walt Disney, DreamWorks, or Pixar. It’s also about the animated titles we see at the beginning of TV shows or movies. As online videos increase, the demand for motion designers rises. Learning motion graphics takes effort. But it gives big rewards because few have this skill.
This course teaches beginners to become pros. First, it covers the software and how to use it. Next, it teaches animation methods to make designs move. Finally, it provides career tips to succeed as a motion designer.
In today’s world, constant improvement is important. This course helps you stay ahead with a rare skill. Learning motion graphics opens new career paths. It lets you stand out in a growing and competitive field. The course goes step-by-step from beginner to expert. Enrolling now starts you on the path to becoming a professional motion graphics designer.

By The End Of This Motion Graphics Course, You’ll Be Able To

  • Create professional motion graphics and visual effects for your video projects
  • Make animated logos, kinetic typography, explainer videos, and other projects for your portfolio
  • Work quicker and more efficiently in After Effects using shortcuts, tools, and techniques
  • Impress clients with your motion graphics skills
  • Make an income as a freelance motion graphics artist or work at a video production company

Who Will Benefit from this Course

  • Those who are interested in learning Motion Graphics and create a career in such field
  • People who want to learn practical animation skills.
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to create engaging videos.
  • Anyone who wants to add a creative touch to their graphical work.
  • Who is willing to move his/her career from graphics design to motion graphics
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What Will You Learn?

  • All about After Effects workspace, tools, and professional project management.
  • How to create smooth animations using keyframes, paths, presets, and exciting transitions.
  • How to combine images, use green screens, animate text, and add visual effects like particles.
  • How to make words come to life with dynamic animations, transformations, and attention-grabbing title sequences.
  • How to add sound effects and music to make powerful, engaging animations.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Motion Graphics and After Effects

  • Video 1: Overview of motion graphics, its applications, and career paths.
  • Video 2: Familiarity with the After Effects interface, workspace customization, and essential panels.
  • Video 3: Understanding project settings, importing assets, and organizing files.
  • Video 4: Creating, manipulating, and organizing layers, understanding layer properties and visibility.
  • Video 5: Working with compositions, exploring the timeline, and fundamental animation principles.
  • Video 6: Practice Project 1 – Create a simple animated logo using shapes, colors, and basic transformations.
  • Video 7: Save the project as a template and Render Videos.

Module 2: Mastering Transformations and Animation

Module 3: Compositing Techniques and Visual Effects

Module 4: Sound Design and Animation Integration

Module 5: Exporting and Sharing Your Work

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